1,000+ units, and Happy 10th Birthday Fat Property!


We were going to wait on posting something about our 10th birthday (which depending on what you use for a ‘start date’ was 07/16/2007) because we wanted to combine our 10th birthday post with a bigger mile stone:  1,000+ units.  We were hoping they’d happen right about the same time but 1,000 units came a few months late.

From our humble beginning with an 8 unit property in Montrose back in 2007, we’ve grown to over 1,000 units.  We’re all very proud of this accomplishment and want to thank all the current and former staff (and residents) that made it happen.  As well as all of our friends and partners who helped us along the way.

So – cheers to 1,000 units and we’ll see you at 2,000!

Plug time:  If you’re looking for a new apartment inside the loop, we have you covered.  Here is a map of where our properties are, and here is where you can apply.  If you’re one of the several people who contact us a day via sites like apartments .com and hotpads .com, we wrote a post on how you can increase your chances of finding a place (ours or from anyone else).  Check it out

PS:  we really wanted to do a highlight of some of the more entertaining before/after during this journey, and some of the more hilarious and hard-to-believe stories.  But ironically, we’re slammed with these new properties (we haven’t even posted about the property that pushed us over the 1,000 number) so it’ll have to wait 🙂

Image credit for 10th = Air University.  Sadly I can’t find where the ‘1000’ came from