Fat Property rental criteria 

At times we may require a potential tenant to have applied in advance before we can schedule a viewing at our smaller properties that don’t have an onsite leasing manager. Why require an application in advance?  That’s addressed in our FAQ but the short answer is this: We get 100+ people asking to view our various properties every week. While we’d love to setup a showing time with everyone, it would be impossible for our leasing and property managers to do so.  By requiring an application in advance, we lower the number of showings down to a more manageable amount (as not everyone will apply first, and of those that do, not everyone is qualified or is requesting a unit we’ll have available in their time-frame).

If you do not like the unit you’re shown, then the application works for all of our properties (500+ units in the area) — so depending on what you didn’t like, we can try to find something that is a fit.  If you have any questions about a property that you’d like answered to make you feel comfortable about applying first, we’re happy to help (as if we can determine that a property isn’t a fit for you BEFORE a showing, then everyone saves time)

There are exceptions:  Our larger properties that have onsite leasing offices do not require an application in advance.  Or if we happen to be at a property, we’re fine to have people come down.  Applying in advance is just to set an appointment.  We won’t turn someone away who shows up to view if we happen to be there. If you’re asking about a property we’re currently working at, we can often have people drop by and call us when there. If this is an option, it’ll normally be communicated in response by the person who listed the unit for rent.

PS: Our payment processing for tenants (paying rent, paying deposit, or applying) is done via a secured third party.  Your data is safe.  We won’t and can’t make payments on your behalf using your info.  If you want to view the secured https website in it’s own page vs. in our page, it’s available here