Interesting article on Houston Chronicle about our Winbern property

We love our little Winbern property.  Sadly, it’s in a bad shape.  And we face a bit of a chicken and egg problem. We hesitate to spend the effort to get it ready for a renter when we’re not sure if there is a demand for it.  Yet a renter won’t want it in it’s current shape.

Our solution has been to offer anyone that’s been interested a large budget to fix it up in any way that they see fit based on how they’d like to use the building.  Though that hasn’t yet worked as most people looking for a space want something that’s turn key read to go.  So it just sits there as the little-building-that-could until a loving user comes and wants it 🙂

A while ago (we forgot and never shared), Houston Cronicle ran a story about it in a series about intersting properties in our city.  Check it out.