Just sold – 4204 Jack St.

This triplex located at 4204 Jack St, Houston TX 77006 was purchased about a year ago. When we purchased, it was a boarded up, abandoned empty mess that needed gobs of work.  This was the first major interior remodel we did to an older property. The company owner still has the iron window weights used to help get the windows up and down.

We hate to sell a property, but sometimes we do when it makes economic sense.  The sad reality of the current state of financing will often help shape our movements. In the case of Jack, it was a property we had a lot of equity in — having bought it while boarded up and abandoned.  We turned it around into something we could be proud of.  With nothing left to do to it, it was time to let her go.

The new owner takes on a nice property.  All units have been heavily upgraded.  New appliances, cabinets, refinished flooring.  Central AC was added to those units without. New water heaters were installed, and much much more.

Bye Jack.  We’ll miss you.

36 Replies to “Just sold – 4204 Jack St.”

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