Listed while occupied

We’ve been getting a lot of inquires about our multifamily and single family properties for sale.  As our multifamily properties tend to stay full, and even our single family properties for sale are all rented, doing showings is difficult. We respect our tenants privacy and enjoyment of their home, as such our policies for showing might be a bit more than most buyers are accustomed to.

Before setting up a showing, we try to make sure that everything someone might need or want to know about the property has been supplied.  Financials, photos, descriptions  and answers to any questions.  But with all that, we’re often left with the question “When can I view the unit/home?

So rather than say the same thing every time over the phone or via e-mail, we’ve typed up a page that talks about our policy when it comes to showing occupied units.  We call them “LWO” – “Listed While Occupied”.

So if you’re curious how you see the inside of our properties for sale, check out our LWO site