Our response to State Vs. Fat Property

Update:  In the spirit of cooperation between our company and the city and in an effort to put this behind us, we’ve removed our reply.

All we’ll say at this point is we are disappointed to have heard this news since so much of our team has spent countless hours to improve the property and work with our neighbors and police to clean it up.  We believe this property to be a success story of how a distressed or blighted property can be improved by active management and ownership by a local company based in the same neighborhood.  But if there is evidence that we can do more, we’re open to suggestions.  We always want to improve.

So rather than have a big public reply, we will allow cooler heads to prevail.  Over the last few weeks, our team had been working on a ‘history’ page that would show some of the properties we’ve bought in our neighborhood and fixed up. which includes the Richmond property.  We’re very proud of our work.  We don’t know of any other company who has fixed up as many blighted buildings in Montrose and Midtown as our team has.  Every one of us shares in that feeling of accomplishment.

While we were not quite finished with our ‘history’ page (we’d like a bit more detail, and we have some funny ‘before’ photos), we decided to post it anyway. On the page, you can find information specifically about what we’ve done with the Richmond property.  In fact, if you’re at this page primarily because of what you’ve seen about the Richmond property, you can save some time and search the history page for the word ‘richmond’ and skip the rest.

Our history page can be found here

Finally, since some media have picked up the story, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of support.  Both in the form of e-mails to us from the community, as well as public comments on the sites that have posted this story. We thanks those who have supported us privately and publicaly from the bottom of our hearts.  Previously we had posted a collection of positive feedback from the community on this page, but as some of them happened to also contain negative or personal  comments in regards to various motives, we’ve removed them from our site.  We could just share the ones that were positive about what we’ve done, and didn’t include any accustations, but we feel we should share all or none. So we’re going to go with “none” for now.  If you want to read the uncensored good/bad/ugly, there are pages out there to do so.  Swamplot being the most active

11 Replies to “Our response to State Vs. Fat Property”

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