We’re keeping our prices the same

We’ve gotten some calls from prospective tenants asking if the price they see our apartments listed for is still the correct price. The first time I was asked, I said “Yup“.  But later I started saying “Why do you ask?”   I guess a few properties are raising their prices due to the increase in demand post Harvey

Now I don’t really “blame” them.  Most large corporate ran apartment complexes use sophisticated software that constantly monitors occupancy levels and market area rents and adjusts the price accordingly.  That’s why when you see many large complexes with oddly priced rents like $1,072/month.   And just as airlines raise prices as the plane becomes full, many apartment management software will raise rents as the property becomes full.  So that last airline seat and last apartment unit might be 2x what it was a few customers ago.

Maybe we’re just not as smart as some of those big guys, but we’ve decided to leave our pricing the same as it was last month.  In fact, a few of our properties ran specials last month that we’ve decided to keep in place.   So if you’re renting from a property that has 4 units left or you’re renting the last one, the price will be the same.

So are you ready to rent?  Contact our leasing team and let them know you want a place. Want to see where our properties our?  Check out our map page or go to the “Properties” menu and chose the area you’re interested in.

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Office is closed for Labor Day

Our staff is taking a well deserved day off for Labor Day but we’ll be back in full swing on Tuesday.  If you’re looking for an apartment and have sent us an email, text, or voice mail we will return it on Tuesday.   If for some reason you’ve contacted us over the weekend or today and you don’t hear back from us on Tuesday, please email our marketing manager

Have a great Labor Day everyone!


Help us help you

We get, on average, about 30 inquires a day for apartments.  Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s 1000 a month.   And that’s JUST the inquires that get imported into our lead management tool though sources such as the MLS, apartments.com, hotpads, etc.  It doesn’t count the number of people who call us up from banners, walk into our offices, etc.  Add those in, and conservatively we get about 2000 leads a month (I wish we tracked leads that called or walked in better, using the same tool, but I assume that’s every business owners complain with CRM tool usage).

So, what’s the point of this post?  Simple:  HELP US HELP YOU.   You’re emailing (or otherwise contacting) us because you want an apartment.  And we have an apartment we’d like to rent to you.  So it should be a pretty quick and easy process.  Let’s talk about how we can make that happen.

Click here to read the full “help us help you” post

We’re open for business, ready to help with plenty of housing

We have been very very blessed to have sustained minimal damage to the majority of our properties, and are working as hard as possible to repair those units that have been damaged.


If you’re an agent looking for a unit for rent for a client, or a if you’re looking for a unit for yourself, give us a call at 832-640-4444 or email us at leasing@fatproperty.com.  We have several units that are ready for immediate move in.


While many of our empty units will be made available for our any tenants who were flooded (or their immediate friends/family), we’re hopeful we’ll still have plenty left for others effected by Harvey.

About 1/2 of our units are in the midtown/montrose area.  1/4 of our units are in the SE inner loop.  And the other 1/4 are spread out in other (mostly) inner loop neighborhoods.  View our map page for a map of where they’re located.  Or click the properties bar on top and select the area you’re interested in. Our “rentals” page is our attempt at a real time update on what we have (vs. a full list of our properties) though we’re working on making sure we have something available at all properties.


We’re offering short term rentals on “ready for move in” units.  And because we know people need help NOW, we’re waiving many of the obstacles that delay a move in and doing whatever we can to help people move in immediately.


Finally, if you’re an existing tenant who had damage to your unit, making it inhabitable,  and for some reason haven’t been able to reach your property manager, please email us and we’ll do whatever we can to temporally relocate you.  And if you haven’t gotten the announcement from our staff, we’re happy to help put any family members you may have in front of the line for temporary housing.  Please email leasing@fatproperty.com for more info.


Fat Property offices closed Monday – will reopen soon.

Until the roads to our office are clear, and we can be sure our staff will be safe getting to work, the Fat Property offices at 3800 Garrott, as well as several of our onsite leasing offices will be closed.  We will update our page once they open.

Our managers are doing their best to respond to emails, and calls to our office are being routed.  Any missed calls, texts, or emails will be replied to as soon as we can.

Please stay safe out there.