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Cody LutschCody Lutsch

Previous to starting Fat Property, Cody worked for a computer company in San Diego.  His primary position was sales and he helped to grow the small scrappy upstart computer store to one of the largest server manufactures in the world. Always with an interest in real estate, Cody began to use some savings to buy single family homes as rental properties.  Later that turned into small multifamily buildings.  Soon this became his full-time occupation and the company he started quickly grew to one of the most active in Houston.

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Jeanette EsquivelJeanettebiopic.png

Jeanette joined the Fat Property team after working as an Account Relationship Manager at an IT company as well as working as a free-lance creative person. Jeanette is responsible for managing all the marketing of our properties.  Jeanette graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Communications/Advertising. Her passion is to help people, organize, marketing, and strategize, all tools that she gets to use on a daily basis. Before property management she was in various Sales positions in Banking and retail. All this experience has allowed her to connect easily with all types of clients effortlessly. Jeanette’s favorite thing to do is ride her bike around the Montrose area.

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Erica WinstonIMG_4593
Property Manager                                      

Erica is a pre-law student majoring in History and Asian Studies at Rice University. Her specialty lies in public relations and languages. She has lived studied and volunteered in several countries.  Erica was hired into Fat Property to assist in organizing the newly purchased properties and was recently promoted to Property Manager. .

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Milton MirelesMiltonbiopic.png
Maintenance Manager

We couldn’t keep the properties functioning and in tip-top-shape without our maintenance team. Milton has worked for Cody for 2 years and has been a great leader to our maintenance team.  These guys are the true stars of the company and are the ones that are physically responsible for turning around some of the worst properties in the area into the best. Not only is Milton a father and a husband but our go to man when we need things to get done at our properties.