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Here you can read about what goes on with our team and the real estate market.  You’ll find tips for your home, interesting things that go around in Houston and much much more. ENJOY!

Have You Heard?

By Jeanette Esquivel

7/16/2014 9:30 am

We’ll be having some tall neighbors in Downtown Houston very soon. Developers will be breaking ground soon on a 40-story high-rise that will be known as Market Square Tower. The prices “fit” for this soon to be luxurious place but not for my pocket. Thank goodness I work for Fat Property and have access to more affordable living. Unit sizes at Market Square Tower will range from 550-square-feet for $1,800 to 1,950-square-feet for $3,500. Sorry, Market Square Tower that’s just not in my budget.

Let’s not forget that the developers are on a “grant” called Downtown Living Initiative. Pretty much they’re getting paid to build in a certain area of Downtown. Up to $15,000 per unit tax rebate. That’s a lot of dough! Of course the developers of Market Square Tower haven’t released the project’s total cost.

I’m excited. I hope this really brightens Downtown up and makes it livelier and that the metro rail is used as transportation more and come visit its Montrose neighbors. Although, I know we tend to like keeping outsiders out. I’m not excited about added traffic. It’s really hard to get Houstonians out of the habit of being commuters and I have a feeling just because they’ll be living in the center of Downtown still won’t keep them from owning a car and driving a block away for some coffee.

For the rest of Houston, if you don’t think $1,800 falls in your budget we have vacancies at our amazing units. We don’t have a high-rise but we’re still great.

 Why it’s Great Living at 502 W. Alabama

By Christopher Wilkerson

7/16/2014 12:14pm

Living at 502 W. Alabama  gives our tenants access to everything around them. It’s literally a STEP away.  Located in the WestMoreland Historic District, residents get the chance to feel/see/read about the history of all the homes that surrounds the property.  Just blocks away from the property lies Starbucks, Kroger, Walgreens and my favorite Berry Hill. I totally recommend it!  Montrose is constantly growing because it’s so TRENDY and everyone wants to be apart of it.  Some of the best restaurants are blocks away, for instance, Niko Nikos is where everyone loves to go for Greek food.  If your heart desires upscale Mexican food, then you have to try Los Cabbalos.  The service alone is exquisite.  After you’re finished dining out, then its time to go dancing.  Some of the best bars/ dance clubs in the city are right in Montrose. They range from, hole in the walls you’d never think you’d like but you’ll end up LOVING, to upscale ones that make you feel like you’ve made it in life.  If you get some time to explore this area of Houston you won’t regret it. Better yet, check out all our properties in the Montrose area and experience Montrose by LIVING IN IT!

Light Rail to Lucky Strike

By Christopher Wilkerson


Bites, Booze and Bowling……Not your typical bowling experience, at Lucky Strikes, you wont see little kids running around everywhere or even experience the taste of uncooked hotdogs.  Instead, you will be hearing the crashing of bowling pins with the sound of cocktail shakers in the background and taste the fresh ingredients used in each item on the flavored filled menu.  Lucky Strikes has offered a premium bowling, gaming and entertainment experience for the past 10 yrs.. So, if you get a chance try out the light rail and make your way downtown.  The customers there love the fun atmosphere it proves, especially for “Downtown Living.”

B Cycle

By Christopher Wilkerson


Downtown Houston is booming, getting around can be a mess what with business traffic and parking situations.  Hence why Houston B Cycle is a great way to get from point A to point B or just to get lost and explore the downtown area.  Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield, the program has expanded from 3 to 13 stations in downtown as well as in the Midtown area, Museum District and Montrose neighborhoods.  You can purchase daily, weekly or annual memberships.  Just go and visit  There are many cycling groups around town that you can also be a part of. Not only is it a great way to get around town but also a great way to get some exercise in. Go check it out and ride safe all!