We’re keeping our prices the same

We’ve gotten some calls from prospective tenants asking if the price they see our apartments listed for is still the correct price. The first time I was asked, I said “Yup“.  But later I started saying “Why do you ask?”   I guess a few properties are raising their prices due to the increase in demand post Harvey

Now I don’t really “blame” them.  Most large corporate ran apartment complexes use sophisticated software that constantly monitors occupancy levels and market area rents and adjusts the price accordingly.  That’s why when you see many large complexes with oddly priced rents like $1,072/month.   And just as airlines raise prices as the plane becomes full, many apartment management software will raise rents as the property becomes full.  So that last airline seat and last apartment unit might be 2x what it was a few customers ago.

Maybe we’re just not as smart as some of those big guys, but we’ve decided to leave our pricing the same as it was last month.  In fact, a few of our properties ran specials last month that we’ve decided to keep in place.   So if you’re renting from a property that has 4 units left or you’re renting the last one, the price will be the same.

So are you ready to rent?  Contact our leasing team and let them know you want a place. Want to see where our properties our?  Check out our map page or go to the “Properties” menu and chose the area you’re interested in.

Image credit to Mike Luckovich