Welcome to the family: Riverbrook!

Our newest property is Riverbrook Apartments.  This 208 unit portfolio of properties is made up of 1-2 bed traditional apartments at 9425 Scott Street.  Behind Scott Street, on Heno, are a few smaller buildings that also contain some 1-2 bed units.

Then, on three different streets behind Heno (Rockingham St, Dawson Ln, and Grassmere St) are about 75 duplexes.  The duplexes are 2 or 3 bed, 1 bath units.  In addition to those duplex units, some of the duplexes were combined into “super units” that are 4 or 6 bed, 2 bath units.

The properties feature an onsite leasing office available to answer any questions you have.  So give them a call to setup your viewing today.  Or email leasing@fatproperty.com and we’ll see that your request makes it over to them.


6 Replies to “Welcome to the family: Riverbrook!”

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