Work begins on the 2nd Truxillo property (“little Trux”) in 3rd ward

Now that the 20 unit (“Big Trux”) is about finished, we’ve started working on the 8 unit next door.  It’ll get the same exterior face-lift (new siding, paint, windows) and interior upgrades.  This, along with a host of other “under the hood” upgrades like a replacement of the main plumbing line, leveling the properties, as well as a slew of interior upgrades (updated kitchens, central air, refinish the original hardwood floors, etc).

We’re big fans of the 3rd ward and are happy we can do our part to save some of these buildings that would have no doubt been blow up (as the properties next to them were, which are now empty lots)

photo 2(closest I have to a “before” shot.  We started very quickly so even my ‘before’ shot has the property with some of the old windows out, and new windows going in. We’re excited to save some of these old from fourplexes the wrecking ball. And if the city is reading this – yes – we have all our permits 🙂


32 Replies to “Work begins on the 2nd Truxillo property (“little Trux”) in 3rd ward”

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