We are a fast growing, aggressive, and dynamic company.  If you’re looking to move into the real estate market but want some assistance, contact us to find out how we can help. If you’re not interested in direct real estate investing as an operator, but are sick of getting 1% from your bank, we have several options to provide you with a safe and rewarding return.

We currently offer the following types of investments:

Fixed return – global equity:  Our goal as a company is to avoid ever being over leveraged.  While we believe that leverage can be a good thing and is a powerful tool for growth, we also understand that it can be a bad thing if abused. As such, our current goal is to stay under 70% leveraged globally as a company, across all assets.  We are currently about 50% leveraged globally. Individually, some properties might be higher, and some might have no debt at all.  We’re happy to open our books to a serious investor who wants to see where we currently stand in order to invest with us.  We have nothing to hide and are happy with our companies strength.

In this type of loan, we’ve taken a pool of property equity and come up with a number we can safely use as collateral for new lenders, while staying in our leverage comfort level.  Once that level is met, we would not accept new investor capital until overall company equity increased in relation to overall debt which would allow us to take more funds while staying under our leverage maximum.

Property specific investing:  If you have a specific amount you’d like to invest, it might fit within the specific equity window of a given property.  As a general example, if we have a $200,000 property owned free and clear, and you want to invest $100,000, you could do so and get a set return as a mortgage lender of sorts.  The equity in the property would be such that your loan is secure, and the building type/location might be one you like (which mitigates risk).  You’d receive a lien on the property to better secure your position.  The terms of the loan could be flexible depending on your objectives (i.e., are you looking for high income payments, longer fixed payments, short term lending, etc.).  The interest rate paid would be dependent on the % of equity lent, loan position, length of loan, etc.

Partnership: This is mainly for the acquisition of new properties where an investment would be in a particular fixed asset.  An investor would share in all profits and upsides.  While we’ve never lost money on a deal, and while all of our held properties perform well, this type of investment would share additional risk / reward that our fix return programs do not.  There are a few properties we keep our eye on that would require partnerships to make sense.  If you want to talk to us about what type of project you’d be interested, please contact us with what you’re looking to invest and your goals (timeline, return, etc.)

In all programs (other than partnership, which has several variables), your return is going to be much safer than with many other types of investments, you’ll be investing in your local community (for us Houston folks anyway) and you’ll be getting a return much higher than the near 0% you get in the bank.