Want to lease for us? Generous compensation opportunity.

We offer very generous leasing commissions for people in our Outside Leasing Manager (OLM) program. Qualification for the program is simple: You need to have leased at least two units of ours in a 2 month period. To stay in the program, you need to average at least 1 lease a month over a 3 month period.

Here are some of the advantages of being in the OLM program:

  1. You’ll get your own master key to do showings of vacant units, at a time that works best for you and your clients. No need to contact our team, or a showing service. If the unit is empty, you can show it on your own
  2. You’ll have access to our property management software to see what units might be coming up. This is helpful for times when a building is full (thus we don’t show any open units), but we have leases set to expire. It allows you to work with our team to show units that are coming up before they’re otherwise listed on the market
  3. We offer a far more generous leasing commission than wen can post on the MLS. The reason we can do this is when someone is in our OLM program, there is less work on our part in the leasing process .
  4. Commissions start at 1/2 month rent for the first 2 leases done in a month. For the 3rd lease, an extra $200 is paid on top of 1/2 month rent. For the 4th lease, an extra $400/month is paid. $600 extra for the 5th, $800 extra for the 6th, and so on. Even though we maintain pretty high occupancy across our portfolio, with nearly 2000 units under management, even a 5% vacancy rate means we will have about 100 empty units at any given time. Also, we have quite a range of options to fit what most people may be looking for. Everything from very affordable units in lower priced areas, to higher in properties in very desirable locations. And everything in-between.

Since being put into the OLM program takes some work on our end, and we are supping those in the program with access to our system and a master key, we do try to keep the number down. That’s why we at least want to see that someone can lease 2 units in 2 months. While this isn’t a high bar, it does mean that someone that just happened to find someone that wanted a unit with us may not automatically qualify.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, email [email protected] We’re happy to answer any questions not addressed here. If you’ve already done two leases with us and want to sign up, let us know.