Want to sell to us?

If you have a property that would be good for our collection, let us know.  We don’t care about the condition, occupancy rate, or how it currently looks.  We’re also not trying to low ball anyone.  We’ll offer you a fair market price and close quickly.

And since we try to be the type of buyers we’d like to work with if we were selling a property, we’ll often buy with out the need for detailed financials (we can figure out what they are or should be), or bothering your tenants with in-depth inspections of all units.

What are we looking for?  We’re open, but if you see what we have, that should give you an idea of what we typically try to get.  Things we like:

Montrose area:  Almost anything in 77006, 77098, 77019.  We tend to stay away from single family homes unless there is a land play involved (i.e., buying a home that’s next door to us), or if there is seller financing involved to make the transaction easy.

Bigger the better:  While we’re happy to buy smaller deals in prime areas, we’d prefer larger deals at this point.  How big is too big?  Silly question. Bring it on 🙂

Other inner loop locations:  Midtown, Heights, downtown, Museum district, West U, Rice, etc.   These types of deals can normally be closed inside of a week — all cash.

Outside the loop:  Here is where things get tricky. We try not to be one of those ‘inner loop snobs’ but the areas outside are just not as interesting to us.  THAT SAID, we do own a lot outside the 610 loop.  The only difference is the criteria we use to buy is different.  We’re not interested in smaller deals outside the loop unless they’re very close to other projects of ours (view our map here).

If you have a large multifamily outside the loop, let us know.  We can get you back a price very quickly with little or no information required on your part.

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