Chat and FB message with us right from our site

Another “You asked, we listened”.  As our residents (current and potential) change the way they desire to communicate, we want to make sure we’re quick to react.  It’s why our first response back to inquiry emails we get from online apartment search sites are text (for the full story on how that all works, read our ‘help us help you’ post).

More and more of our potential and current residence are wanting to send us quick chat message via our site to ask us common questions, rather than sending an email and waiting to hear back, or waiting till “business hours”.

We’ve added some initial support for this such as the chat button and the Facebook messenger buttons on the bottom right.  Over the next week or so we’ll clean it up a bit and make sure it’s all dialed in (do you think we really need a button for FB message AND general chat?), but as of this posting, they’re working.  So try them out — you should see some icons on the bottom right of the screen.

Update: We removed the FB chat option as that just opens a chat window on the page that uses Facebook as the medium, while the web based chat does the same thing and you don’t have to be logged into Facebook for it to work.