Walmart added to our “Pay Near Me” program

A few years ago we let our tenants know about a program we have called “Pay Near Me“. It allows tenants to pay their rent with cash at almost any CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Ace Cash Express, or 7-11. As you can guess by the name of this post, Walmart has joined the list of locations you can drop off your rent.

All a tenant needs to do is get a QR code, located on their tenant portal (if you’re a tenant and don’t see this option, please reach out to your property manager or email us at Take the QR code to a participating store. They’ll scan the QR code, take your rent payment, and instantly apply the payment to your ledger.

This is a great option as there are no money orders that need to then be taken to the office. Or dropped in a mail slot. It saves everyone time and removes the chance that something is lost. Another advantage is avoiding late fees. If it’s the end of the day before late fees hit, you can pay your rent with cash at one of these locations and it’s instantly applied vs. taking it to the office the next day or over the weekend.

Of course, this option is in addition to other popular online payments we offer such as electronic check (ACH) and credit card

We HIGHLY encourage any tenants that are still buying money orders and dropping them off to the office to take advantage of this service.

This is only a partial list of some of the many locations inside the 610 loop that you can pay your rent with cash using Pay Near me

Over $500,000,000 in deals done!

With the conclusion of our most recent refinance, Fat Property has completed over $500,000,000 in deals. This is a total of all purchases, sales, and refinances.

As always, our thanks (and credit) goes first and foremost to our hard working team members. But we can’t leave out the brokers who contacted us with their deals, the sellers who trusted us to close, and the lenders who have confidence in our ability to pay back our debts.

In regards to those relationships, there are a few points we’re very proud of:

  • For Brokers: We’ve never put a property under contract that we’ve failed to close
  • For Sellers: We’ve never put a property under contract and re-traded or needed an extension
  • For Banks: We’ve never been late on any payment. Ever. And kept global leverage under 60%

We’re very proud of this milestone and can’t wait to update again when we hit $1,000,000,000. That way we’ll be in the 3 comma club like this guy

It would have been a lot easier to do $500,000,000 worth of deals in Zimbabwe.

Welcome to the family, little guy

So we’re at our new Roseland property, planning for what we’re going to do to the place. We see that across the street, on the corner of Roseland and Woodrow, there is a nice old home for sale (with two garage apartments in the back). We called the agent and said “We’ll take it!”. A week later, it was ours.

We plan to start upgrading the place ASAP — new paint, windows, interior, flooring, and more. And renovating the garage apartments as well. So stop by and say “hi”. Or if you want to snag the home or apartments as a rental, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to work something out ahead of time. Or if you’re an STR operator and want to lease the whole thing for your STR business, hit us up.

4419 Roseland, Houston TX 77006 – Photo credit to the original listing

Two new Montrose properties – Welcome to the family!

On February 1 we welcome two new properties to the Fat Property family: 4402 / 4410 Roseland and 1930 North Blvd.

4402 Roseland is a full block in Montrose (77006) with Oakley St. to the north, Woodrow St. to the south, and Kyle St. to the west. As well as Montrose Blvd just one block over. It consists of 4x 1 bedroom units and 18x 2 bedroom units. It was built back in 1955 and the units and exterior maintain most of that same older charm. Units start under $1000 a month — continuing our tradition of working to offer some of the lowest priced options in the best areas of the city.

1930 North Blvd is on one of the nicest streets in Houston, in the heart of the Rice University submarket (77098). It’s set back with a huge wide esplanade in front, mature oak trees all around, and some of the nicest walking ares the city has to offer. Plus off street parking and a huge courtyard that looks like it’s from a fairy tail. The property is nearly 80 years old and offers the rare opportunity to live affordably in one of the best spots in the city. The building has a few 1 bedrooms starting at under $1000 a month and huge 2 bedrooms starting at about $1,700 a month. If you’d like to check out either of these properties for lease, give our team a call at 832-640-4444. Open M-F, 9-5:30. Or email us at

To see these properties relative to our full map, check out our property locations map

Front of North Blvd from the street

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fat Property was busy busy busy in 2021, having bought over 400 units. Our largest year-over-year increase to date. The full 2021 recap will come soon. We wanted to use this post to update everyone with our holiday hours.

Our offices will be closed December 24th in observance of Christmas. Because New Years Day falls on a Saturday, all offices will be closed Saturday. However, all locations will be open business-as-usual Friday, December 31st 2021, and Monday, January 3rd, 2022 

Thanks to all our residents, employees, contractors, partners, lenders, vendors, family and friends that made this year possible. And here’s to an even better 2022!

Happy Columbus Day!

Christopher Columbus is sometimes credited with “discovering” America. Columbus wasn’t the first European to reach the Americas as Leif Ericsson of the Vikings had already visited. However, it was Columbus’ journey and discovery that led to the European colonization of the Americas.

The Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, and Dutch all sent more explorers and settlers following Columbus’ return telling about the riches of this new land.

Columbus first landed in the Americas on October 12, 1492 and the anniversary of the day has been celebrated in the new world ever since. The 300 and 400 year anniversaries in 1792 and 1892 were big events in the United States, but it wasn’t until 1937 that the day was made an official federal holiday. Originally the holiday was on October 12, but was changed to the second Monday of October in 1971.