Holman “after” updates

No one is going to accuse us of being professionals when it comes to staging (what’s that?), photographing our properties/units (done with cell phone cameras), or advertising in general (thankfully we’re in Montrose).

At our 56 unit Holman property, one of the units was used as our on-site office.  Of the 30+ units we’ve upgraded for new tenants, the office was not one of them.  This created a problem for prospective tenants that wanted to see what a ‘finished’ unit looks like.  When someone comes by, normally any finished units have people in them so they’re hard to show.  The other empty units are all being worked on so we end up showing someone a “UIP” (Unit in Progress).

So solve the issue, we decided to actually upgrade the office unit.  That was easy enough as our guys have done over 30 of these same units so far.  However, this time we decided to have it staged.  We got the guys at Showcase Staging to help us.  We’re happy with their work.  Not only does our on-site team have a nice place to work in, but we now have a unit we can always (and easily) show prospective tenants who want to see what an upcoming unit will look like.

Check out our Holman property page for more info.  A few of the ‘after shots’ are below.

WP_20130402_003[1]      WP_20130402_006[1]

WP_20130402_005[1]     WP_20130402_004[2]

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