New page: Upcoming units

We’re always asked “What do you have available?  And that normally means pointing people to our tenant site which basically is more of a portal for our current tenants to log in, pay rent, view their ledger, put in a work request, etc.  Or for potential tenants to apply or view additional pictures.

With our new “Units!” page, we have on centralized page where our property mangers will do their best to list anything upcoming (and a few tips from our FAQ on how to get one).

Note that this page will normally only have units available now or in the next ~30 days.  If you’re looking for something 60 days+ days out we likely won’t be able to help. The exception being in our larger properties were all units are the same.  If you were to view a random unit and like it, you could put down a deposit for an upcoming unit that fit your desired move in date.  Contact our property managers for more info

So enough reading already.  Check out our new Units! page here.


Update:  Whoa, we had three units taken today already, only hours after making this page.  So two properties have been moved to “Recently leased”, but a new property has been added.  We’ll keep doing our best to make this page up to date.