New paint everywhere!

You may have already noticed if you’re living in one of the three apartment communities that are currently being upgraded, but if not, we welcome you drive by. Three of our buildings are getting a face lift.  306 Hawthorne, 502 W. Alabama, and 4315 Jack St. are all being repainted.  We’ll be adding some pictures to this post soon, as well as some before and after pictures to each property page soon.

For 502 W. Alabama, which we purchased about two years ago, it’s been a long time coming. The siding on the south end of the building (facing W. Alabama) was replaced soon after the building was purchased, however it was never painted.  We’ve also never been happy with the paint job inside the courtyard area. But life (new buildings) got in the way of making the visual improvements we wanted.  So we added some members to our team who are specifically in charge of “making things pretty”.  If you see them around in their “Fat Property” shirts, give them a high 5.  They’re there to make us look good – literally.