Bye Hadley… It was fun while it lasted

A little over 5 years ago, we extended our property types from Multifamily to commercial and land. With the purchase of the “Hadley Portfolio” we added a community center (which was in operation as a school at the time), a small office building, a church, a home, and a lot of extra land. All in the up and coming 3rd ward area of Houston. Right in the shadows of downtown.

Soon after the purchase, the person who was running the school (and leasing the church) lost his charter. So he shut down and canceled his lease. We ended up finding a new renter but also made the decision to sell the property. And while we had some ups and downs with potential buyers, we found someone that got passed the finish line.

So Hadly — we’ll miss you. We wish the new buyer the best of luck!

“But people are what they wanna be
They’re not lemmings to the sea
Maybe it’s time you looked at yourself
And stop blaming life on someone else”