Holman celebrates it’s 1st Birthday (with us)

(as posted on our Holman property page)

We’ve now owned Holman for about a year and plan on having a “1st birthday” party on November 9th, 2013.  All Midtown/Montrose tenants are welcome to attend (we’ll e-mail out invite).

Over this first year, almost all the work we’ve done has been getting units ready for new tenants. Or doing a lot of ‘unsexy’ upgrades like plumbing/electrical that are never seen.  The whole time we’ve been working on the property we’ve wanted to make the place actually LOOK better from the exterior.  However each time we’d start, our team would be pulled away to get more units ready.  Now that most of the units have been upgraded, we’ve finally had a chance to get back to our exterior projects.  They include:

Gating the entry to the property (done)
Gating the courtyard (done)
Cleaning out the old courtyard area and installing nice path and landscaping (done)
Painting the steps that go up to each building entry (done)
Painting/repairing all the old railing (done)
Taking out the driveway entry between the buildings and planting new trees in that space (done)
Installing new sidewalks that lead up to the 1624/1630 steps (done)
Planting new plants — lots of them (done)

We still have some projects to finish up, including new lighting in the courtyard, sound system in the courtyard, and outdoor seating.  We’ve started the laundry room for the property as well as some of the surrounding landscaping.  Google Street view has some funny shots of what the exterior used to look like.  Here are some new ones (we’re not 100% done but we were anxious to get *something* posted as people who are interested in renting often look at the street view and believe that’s what it looks like today)

014e69f2a87b8433b131bfe385a5ee1e43bc303e55 (Medium)      015a97e023bac47ef052d73d3efb427c97b86e28b3 (Medium)

0181aa973bd3914399dd1f080190435f6076643e49 (Medium)      019059fc069bcbb6f5df1294d789919bd0b8e04ec3 (Medium)

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