Walmart added to our “Pay Near Me” program

A few years ago we let our tenants know about a program we have called “Pay Near Me“. It allows tenants to pay their rent with cash at almost any CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Ace Cash Express, or 7-11. As you can guess by the name of this post, Walmart has joined the list of locations you can drop off your rent.

All a tenant needs to do is get a QR code, located on their tenant portal (if you’re a tenant and don’t see this option, please reach out to your property manager or email us at [email protected]). Take the QR code to a participating store. They’ll scan the QR code, take your rent payment, and instantly apply the payment to your ledger.

This is a great option as there are no money orders that need to then be taken to the office. Or dropped in a mail slot. It saves everyone time and removes the chance that something is lost. Another advantage is avoiding late fees. If it’s the end of the day before late fees hit, you can pay your rent with cash at one of these locations and it’s instantly applied vs. taking it to the office the next day or over the weekend.

Of course, this option is in addition to other popular online payments we offer such as electronic check (ACH) and credit card

We HIGHLY encourage any tenants that are still buying money orders and dropping them off to the office to take advantage of this service.

This is only a partial list of some of the many locations inside the 610 loop that you can pay your rent with cash using Pay Near me