Welcome to the family – Peacock Plaza

We are thrilled to have Peacock Plaza as part of the family.  This 32 unit historic property is located at 1414 Austin St downtown, right by the Toyota Center.  It was built 90 years ago.  In fact, I’m told the people who had it briefly before us purchased it from a lady who had the property for 80 years!

The property is made up of two 16-unit buildings, connected by a cute little courtyard.  We have some big improvements planned that’ll keep the vintage charm while upgrading the units to modern standards.

Our short term plan is to leave the units in 1 of the two buildings relatively untouched (with the exception of modernizing the HVAC unit with highly efficient ductless mini splits).  This will allow us to keep them affordable for the area.  The units in the other buiding are getting head to toe upgrades — all new kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, bath, etc. Too much to type here but we’ll put them up against any new (soulless) class A construction any day.

Enjoy a few pictures (window unit shown, but those are all being replaced). If you’d like to lease one, give us a call @ 832-640-4444 or shoot us an email