Over $500,000,000 in deals done!

With the conclusion of our most recent refinance, Fat Property has completed over $500,000,000 in deals. This is a total of all purchases, sales, and refinances.

As always, our thanks (and credit) goes first and foremost to our hard working team members. But we can’t leave out the brokers who contacted us with their deals, the sellers who trusted us to close, and the lenders who have confidence in our ability to pay back our debts.

In regards to those relationships, there are a few points we’re very proud of:

  • For Brokers: We’ve never put a property under contract that we’ve failed to close
  • For Sellers: We’ve never put a property under contract and re-traded or needed an extension
  • For Banks: We’ve never been late on any payment. Ever. And kept global leverage under 60%

We’re very proud of this milestone and can’t wait to update again when we hit $1,000,000,000. That way we’ll be in the 3 comma club like this guy

It would have been a lot easier to do $500,000,000 worth of deals in Zimbabwe.