Welcome to the family, little guy

So we’re at our new Roseland property, planning for what we’re going to do to the place. We see that across the street, on the corner of Roseland and Woodrow, there is a nice old home for sale (with two garage apartments in the back). We called the agent and said “We’ll take it!”. A week later, it was ours.

We plan to start upgrading the place ASAP — new paint, windows, interior, flooring, and more. And renovating the garage apartments as well. So stop by and say “hi”. Or if you want to snag the home or apartments as a rental, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to work something out ahead of time. Or if you’re an STR operator and want to lease the whole thing for your STR business, hit us up. [email protected].

If I were the last of the few who always ask
Would you still be the same person that I knew
And if it’s for me, another boring story
I swear I’ll act enthused