Two new Montrose properties – Welcome to the family!

On February 1 we welcome two new properties to the Fat Property family: 4402 / 4410 Roseland and 1930 North Blvd.

4402 Roseland is a full block in Montrose (77006) with Oakley St. to the north, Woodrow St. to the south, and Kyle St. to the west. As well as Montrose Blvd just one block over. It consists of 4x 1 bedroom units and 18x 2 bedroom units. It was built back in 1955 and the units and exterior maintain most of that same older charm. Units start under $1000 a month — continuing our tradition of working to offer some of the lowest priced options in the best areas of the city.

1930 North Blvd is on one of the nicest streets in Houston, in the heart of the Rice University submarket (77098). It’s set back with a huge wide esplanade in front, mature oak trees all around, and some of the nicest walking ares the city has to offer. Plus off street parking and a huge courtyard that looks like it’s from a fairy tail. The property is nearly 80 years old and offers the rare opportunity to live affordably in one of the best spots in the city. The building has a few 1 bedrooms starting at under $1000 a month and huge 2 bedrooms starting at about $1,700 a month. If you’d like to check out either of these properties for lease, give our team a call at 832-640-4444. Open M-F, 9-5:30. Or email us at [email protected]

To see these properties relative to our full map, check out our property locations map

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