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Stories below are a running assortment of news from Fat Property

New Montrose property: Welcome to the family 2014 Taft

This is a  collection of units in one of our favorite areas of Montrose.  It consists of two fourplexes with a single family in the middle.  Each of the units in the fourplexes are 1 bed / 1 bath while the single family in the middle is 2 beds / 2 baths.

Rents for the 1 beds start at $800 (Yup!  We’re still keeping rents affordable in Montrose).

We currently are full but have 1 unit coming up.  If you’d like to check it out and lock it down before it comes to market, just give our office a call @ 832-640-4444


(this is the only picture we have right now — from street view)

Happy Labor Day!

We’ll be closed so our team can enjoy this Labor Day holiday with their friends and family.  However, we’ll be back at it bright at early Tuesday @ 9am.

Reminder: Our normal office hours (all locations) is Monday-Friday, 9-6.  Our Montrose HQ (3800 Garrott) is open on Saturday from 10-2 (primarily for showings that have been setup during the week).

Hope everyone is having a great day!

“Resilient economy makes Houston top ‘buy’ market for apartment investors”

In interesting story in the Houston Chronicle. Discusses how well the multifamily sector is doing.  This should be great news for Fat Property, right?  Not really. We’re more buyers than sellers.  So when the prices of properties go up, that normally just means our property tax bill goes up, and it’s harder for us to find new properties to buy.

So while we’re happy to see our sector doing so well, I think a small pullback might be healthy for the long term success of this business.

What do you think?

Social Media post of the week

This one comes not from one of our residents, but someone in the area where many of our units are located.  Known as “MontroseResident”

People like you, Fat Property (edit: replaced owners name with company name), give me hope that some people still care about Houston’s history, and wish to preserve it. The post from James reminds me of a woman here in East Montrose, Nell Stewart, who frequently contributes to the East Montrose Civic Association Newsletter. I only read it to see if she’s contributed!
She has such a wealth of information about the neighborhood, the activity of the period before and after WWII, the cultural activities, the homes in the neighborhood, the good, the bad and every change that has happened to Montrose. She lives in the same house for almost 100 years (edit: link removed)

Anyway, keep up the good work, Fat Property!

Social media post of the week

From time to time we’d like to start sharing some of the feedback we get on various social media.  This one comes from Danny who lives in one of our Midtown properties:

THANK YOU FAT PROPERTY!!! A few years ago I had a girlfriend that lived in this building. It’s so awesome. Her unit was older but had a quirky charm. She always said they’d have to drag her out of there if a new owner ever bought it and wanted to knock it down.
Ironically I live in one of the “Fat Property” complexes in midtown. It’s also super old (built in the 30s?) building and they’ve done a great job on the units. Ive been here since a few months after they bought it and they not only improved the building considerably but allowed the whole neighborhood to finally get fixed up.