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Stories below are a running assortment of news from Fat Property

New commercial properties in 3rd ward

We’re happy to announce the closing of two new properties which will be managed by Fat Property:

3229 Hadley:   This is a beautiful 15,000+ SF building that includes a gymnasium with shower, assembly room, full commercial kitchen with cafeteria, offices, and conference room.  It’s currently being used as a charter alternative school (Zoe Learning Academy).  Learn more about them at their website

3230 Hadley:  This is a beautifully maintained church facility, approximately 10,000 SF which includes a sanctuary that seats approx. 700, classrooms, offices, lobby, and parking.   It’s currently being occupied by Power of Life Fellowship Church.  Learn more about them at their website

We couldn’t be happier to be involved with groups that are so heavily invested in the 3rd ward community!

Check them out on our maps page

Additionally, Fat Property has acquired several empty lots near by that will be used for future growth of the school and other projects (Stay tuned!)

Special thanks to Olivia Williams for seeing this though


You asked, we listened

While we do our best to keep a real time list of units we have available on our rentals page, those listings don’t really show you WHERE in Houston they’re located.  And it can be time consuming to go though the list and copy/paste the address to a map to see if they’re in a location you want to be.

People have said “Can’t you just have a map of your properties?”   So that’s just what we did.

We’ll refine the map over time to have other points of interest.  And to link the properties on this map to our own sites for them where more information can be found.  But for now, this should help people narrow their search

Welcome back to the family, 219 W Alabama

Several years ago we bought 219 W Alabama along with 502 W Alabama as part of the troubled “Skylane” pair of apartment buildings in Montrose. We worked fast to stabilize and upgrade them. Shortly after, we sold 219 W Alabama. While selling that property gave us the funds we needed to add additional units to our portfolio, we always wanted it back. So after a year of “hassling” the gentlemen that bought it from us, we finally were able to buy it back.

So as of mid June, 2017, 219 W Alabama joins the Fat Property team. It’s 32 units. Each unit has been heavily upgraded. As has the exterior of the building. Here are a few pictures. More soon!

Our newest property: Winkler

Located just outside the loop, these three buildings represent another 110+ units for Fat Property.  The building is separately metered.  Most units enjoy central air.  There is an onsite leasing office.  And while this property is already running pretty well, we look forward to making it operate even better.

The address is 8445 Winkler St, Houston TX 77017

I know this isn’t the most exciting picture but it’ll have to do for now 🙂

Now open for weekend showings

One of the most common questions we get from prospective tenants is “Are you open on weekends?”.  Sadly, that answer was generally “no”.  There are a lot of reasons we didn’t do weekend showings, but that’s for another post.

However, starting next week, we’ll be open on Saturday from 10am to 2pm.  We’d still suggest setting up the time to view during the weekday as if you just come by our office on Saturday, we might be out at a showing.  Or if you’re an existing or future tenant that needs something at our office, I’d suggest calling to make sure we’re not at a showing when you come by.

Our office is located in the heart of Montrose at 3800 Garrott St, Houston TX 77006.  Our office number is 832-640-4444

For most showings, our team normally just asks if you’re going to meet at the property to call when you’re close to confirm you’re still coming by.  We’ll then leave to meet you.  That way, if you’re a little late, we’re not waiting on you.  And if you’re early, you’re not waiting on us.  And if you no-show, we won’t have our feelings as hurt 🙂

Victory! No, I mean “Victory”, the name of our new complex

We just bought a new property in a submarket we’re quite familiar with.  South-East inner loop.

Victory Apartments is located at 2606 Beatty.  It’s 78 units — a mix of studio, 1, and 2 bedrooms.  This building was slightly different from most we’ve bought in that there isn’t much to do to it.  It came with a great on site manager (Mila), great on site maintenance, and very little deferred maintenance.   The only thing we need to do is get their great team integrated into our process.

So if you’re looking for a few place to live in this area, give us a call.