Almost daily we’re asked if we’re willing to lease our units for the purpose of subletting the property to others on short term rental (“STR”) basis via airbnb, vrbo, etc.

The short answer is “Yes“. But the longer answer is “It’s complicated

But we’ve gotten the question asked enough times where rather than replying over and over with the same info, we’ve typed up a page that goes into details. So if this is something you’re interested in, hop on over to our page to discuss subletting units for STR

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Our newest properties: Graustark Villas

Graustark Villas are luxurious three bedroom & three and a half bathroom homes in the heart of Montrose centrally located minutes away from The Medical Center and the Central Business District. Featuring a large roof deck terrace with a game room and a full interior sprinkler system. Impeccable finishes throughout – the walls, floors and cabinetry represent a soft monochromatic palette and clean lines from the outside to inside. Built by the renowned Tanglewood Builders, this luxury residence is walking distance from most local neighborhood gems like the black Hole Coffee House, The Pit Room Barbeque joint, Nippon Japanese Restaurant and many others.

For more infomation and pictures, visit our Graustark Villas property page

Happy MLK day – We’re open

There were a lot of positive messages shared by Dr. King but the one we like the most was treating everyone based on the content of their character vs. the color of their skin. We don’t support and personal, business, or government actions that would treat people differently due to their skin tone.

If you have the day off, and normally have a hard time viewing our properties since we’re typically open M-F, 9-6, then feel free to give us a call. All offices are open. Our main HQ # is 832-640-4444

Want to buy from us?

Almost daily we receive an email, call, or text asking if we’re interested in selling one of our properties (we also receive letters in the mail asking the same, but those all get recycled).

We do our best to reply to each of those inquires. It typically involves someone at our team typing out a lot of texts or emails back and forth on how to make a deal happen.

Finally, to save our time (and sanity :), we’ve typed up a page on how to buy from us. So click or tap on over to read

(this could be yours!)

So long Caylor — we’ll miss ya.

I don’t think we ever got around to announcing our purchase of a cool little 36 unit building in the EaDo area at 221 Caylor. It was a bit of a mess when we took it over. But after replacing a few roofs, giving it a nice facelift, and upgrading most units, it ended up being a respectable little property.

Unfortunately as much as we like to buy properties vs. sell properties, if someone makes us an offer to buy that makes sense, we’ll let it go. And the buyer of this property has a great track record of doing some pretty heavy lifting and making his portfolio shine. So I’m sure he’ll be able to continue what we’ve started and take this property to the next level


We really wanted to get our 2019 recap in before the close of the year, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Sometimes you’re so busy with life, you don’t have time to reflect. Maybe taking a pause to see where your at, while you’re there, could be a new years resolution?

We will be closed on New Years Day to allow our team to spend time with their friends and family. However, we’ll be open our normal hours (9-6) at all locations for New Years Eve. Our tenant portal for payments and work requests will obviously be up and our after hours number for emergency work requests will be staffed.

Here’s to a great 2020!

Application fee refunded till the end of January

For any leases signed between now and the end of January (regardless of when your move in date is), we will refund your $40 application fee. And if you apply and are denied, we will also refund your application fee.

All you need to do is type “WEBSITE” into the “How did you find us” section of the application. Though we’d appreciate if you also note where you found us if you came to our website from another source.

This applies to up to two applications per unit (i.e., if you’ll have two residents over 18 years old in an apartment, and both need to apply, BOTH application fees will be refunded).

To take advantage of this, come on over to our application page and get started!